For this composite, I started with my earlier project - the Las Vegas Sign. If you want to see the before and after of this retouch, check my earlier project post. 
Next, I added in this car shot from Photoshop World 2012. It was part of the Wedding Pre-Con with David Ziser. I removed the glass from the windows and the background using layer masks. 
Next, I started the process of adding in the shdoaws and starting to tint the windows and add the reflections in the windows. 
Then came the reflection on the hood. This took several layers to complete, first removing the Mandalay Bay reflection and creating neutral colors on the hood, then adding the reversed Las Vegas welcome sign. The contour was created using smart objects and the Puppet Warp tool. You might also notice the license plate has changed...
This was the first model I tried. She was one of the FJ Westscott models from Photoshop World 2013. I added her reflection to the hood of the car and chrome below. I wasn't sure about this pose after getting some feedback so I tried another version. 
This version ended up being the right choice. The model is looking at us and the pose is classic. The only issue I had was originally her right leg was behind a stool in the original shot, so I had to amputate and create a fake leg...
Here are the steps I used to create the fake leg. I first masked out the model and the leg. I then copied the leg onto a new layer and positioned into place. Finally, I blended and added more to the leg on a third layer using brushes and the blur tool. 
And here is the final piece. I added a border and vignette to the edges, and extended the grass to fill the canvas at the bottom. 

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